Smart Packaging Designs Save More Than Just Money

Smart Packaging Designs Save More Than Just Money

As one of the biggest consumer electronics corporations, Best Buy works hard to ensure its products are sustainable and cost-efficient — and the same value should apply to packaging, as sustainable packaging also reduces costs and enhances brand image. Best Buy wanted to carry out an eco-friendly material reduction initiative for over 200 SKU across all Best Buy exclusive brand product categories, beginning with a new cable-packaging program for Rocketfish.

Business Challenge

Packaging is the first object customers see when considering a purchase. Rocketfish’s old package was a 3-piece thermoformed clamshell that required an excessive amount of packaging and was quite difficult to open. The design needed to be updated to lower costs and better appeal to a more environmentally conscious customer base.

Additionally, as Best Buy’s environmental initiative was to be implemented company-wide, they wanted all packaging to reflect this new image.

Our Solution

With Best Buy’s direction, our packaging experts were able to develop a concept that reduced plastic usage and overall size, helping Best Buy enhance their brand image and incorporate new brand elements into their packaging designs.

We calculated the material reduction by weighing the old packaging materials against the new to develop the new design that incorporates a closed box with a small thermoform window to showcase the Rocketfish branded cable ends. All of the new packaging components separate easily for quicker sorting and recycling, while elimination of the harmful plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) better reflects Best Buy’s commitment to environmentally friendly packaging.

The Results

The program lasted 18 months and resulted in lower costs, greater sustainability and an enhanced brand image:

  • 75% reduction in plastic usage
  • 25% overall size reduction
  • 18% reduction in transportation costs (compact design)
  • 15% approximate cost reduction
  • No glued or sealed components (further reduced materials/costs)
  • Completely removed PVC from supply chain



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